What is an extra?

Every day plenty of people that are interested in becoming extras contact us. Many of them think that being an extra is something like being an actor. This is a completely wrong attitude.

In fact the position of the extras is one of the lowest in the hierarchy of a film crew.

In the following lines we are trying to answer some of your FAQs.

- Extras is the title by which are defined part of the participants in the shooting process who are hired in order to convey realism and specific athmosphere to different film scenes, TV productions, commercials and music videos. They might be just passers-by in a quite street, as well as part of a massive Barbarian army advancing through a forest or building fortifications.

- An extra is not expected to perform roles with lines according to a script, except for a very few cases when the specifics of the scene being shot requires that.

- Depending on the specific scene, the etxras are very carefully selected/cast.

- An extra could be anyone regardless of age, gender, physique, etc. Very often people who are considered "ugly" are very much in demand in film industry.

- The entertainment industry sometimes is unpredictable and moving at a hectic rate. That is why one of the main requirements to the Extras is the ability to turn up at a particular place at a very short notice (sometimes immediately).

- Another main requirement to extras is the ability to get up early in the morning and turn up at a a meeting point. Times as early as 5:00 am are not an exception.

- A main obligation of the extra is to follow precisely the instructions of the Assistant Directors and Crowd Marshals.

- The presence of the extras on set/location can often be more than 14 hours but it might as well be just 1 hour.

- The extras' presence on set/location might involve long waiting and patiently doing nothing but it might also be very long, tense, hard and tiring.

- The places where the extras perform their duties might sometimes be very unpleasant. Working outside on cold or very hot days is common.

- Working as an extra is not a permanent job and it is on a daily basis.

- The rate paid to extras is per day and it varies according to the different projects.

- Nobody can guarantee you a career as a professional extra.

- Being an extra is not a way of fast and easy money-making. Few are the people that can live on only working as an extra. For some people being an extra is a way to make some extra money, for some - great adventure, and for others - funny stories to tell to their friends.

And last but not least, is there something more amusing than seeing your face on the big or TV screen?!

At the end of the day 270 Bulgarian guys sow their faces next to Brad Pitt in "TROY"!


 How to become an extra?

This you can do relatively easy with our new interactive service:

 What is e-casting?

e-casting is our new ellectronic service that includes: online registration system, management and planning of productions involving extras. At the present moment it is designed and functions only in Bulgarian. However you can get more information about it at:

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