TALENT PARTNERS recruits on a regular basis and provides extras for film and TV productions, commercials, music videos, TV shows and etc.


Our Team has provided and organized the background artists for the biggest mass scenes that have been shot in Bulgaria in the last ten years. We have provided extras for various projects that sum up to 115 000 man-days. We have carried out the casting for over 270 background artists that went shooting in Mexico for Wolfgang Petersen’s “Troy”.


The Agency keeps up and constantly updates an extensive database of over 4 500 background artists of all ages. They fall into four categories – men, women, kids and special extras. The group of the special extras comprises of dancers, singers, musicians, sportsmen, people of African and Asian background as well as people having specific or peculiar skills or physique.


TALENT PARTNERS has invested in the creation of E-CASTING - the first of its kind unique electronic system for registration and casting of extras in the internet media. It helps us offer you new faces and considerably improve the process of organization of extras and the services we provide.


The extras that TALENT PARTNERS offers are experienced and always briefed about the rules on set or location and in the TV studio.


Our Team stands out with its precision in organizing extras and is a reliable partner to a variety of production companies.


You can see a selection of photos in the Extras Gallery of our website and HERE.




If you want to be an extra please read "What is an extra?" by following the link at the top right side of this page. In case you have already done this go to E-CASTING where you will understand how to register.



 What is an extra?

Every day plenty of people that are interested in becoming extras contact us. Many of them think that being an extra is something like being an actor. This is a completely wrong attitude.
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 How to become an extra?

This you can do relatively easy with our new interactive service:
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