About us


TALENT PARTNERS was established in March 2005 in Sofia, Bulgaria and is the successor of the 15-year experience of its founders in the field of the casting services, the profession of the assistant director and the overall organization of the shooting process.

TALENT PARTNERS is the first agency of this kind in Bulgaria. Its establishment came as a result of the dynamic development of the entertainment industry in our country in the last couple of years and the growing tendency for foreign producers to come to Bulgaria to realize their projects.

Our Agency specializes in two areas - Casting for Actors and Extras and talent representation.

Our TALENT PARTNERS Team has the demanding task to set and apply the international standards and good traditions in these areas and combine them with the peculiarities of the local market.

TALENT PARTNERS Agency is a reliable partner to most of the production companies situated in Bulgaria and works closely with organizations such as the Union of Bulgarian Actors, National Film Center, Union of the Bulgarian Film Makers.

TALENT PARTNERS is proud of its meticulous attention to detail, flexibility, professionalism and dedication to the projects we work on. These are qualities that make us stand out and be trusted by our foreign and local partners.


Our TALENT PARTNERS team has extensive experience in organizing and carrying out castings for film and television productions, commercials, music videos, TV shows, reality shows, etc.

We maintain a database that includes most of the working Bulgarian actors classified by sex, age, language skills.

As a result of the activity of the Agency came the international success of some Bulgarian actors - Hristo Shopov and Christo Jivkov in Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ". In the beginning of 2004 our team made the Bulgarian casting for the Viktor Krum character in "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire"

TALENT PARTNERS has done casting services for more than 100 film and television projects. Here are some of them:

  • "The Code", Dir. Mimi Leder
  • "Roman Mysteries 2", BBC
  • "The Lark Farm", Dir. Paolo and Vittorio Taviani
  • "Hannibal", Dir. Edward Bazalgette
  • "The Contract", Dir. Bruce Beresford
  • "Star Academy" - reality show
  • "Sacco and Vanzetti", Dir. Fabrizio Costa
  • "Rome", Dir. Michael Apted
  • "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire", Dir. Mike Newel
  • "Spartacus", Dir. Robert Dornhelm
  • "Troy", Dir. Wolfgang Petersen
  • "I am David", Dir. Paul Feig
  • "Julius Caesar", Dir. Uli Edel
  • "She and He", Dir. Stanislav Todorov
  • "Interceptors Force 2", Dir. Phillip Roth
  • "Shark Hunter", Dir. Mat Cood
  • "The Good War", Dir. Giorgio Serafini
  • "Vercingetorix", Dir. Jacques Dorfmann
  • "East-West", Dir. Regis Wargnier

You can download a PDF version of our Company CV HERE